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June 2-4, 2015
Dallas, Texas
  • Presented by CHART – Led by John Isbell, Director of Training, O’Charley’s

    Do you feel like your training department is stale? Same ol’ same ol’? Do you want to re-energize your training team, programs, and products to get the most out of your training department and make your company more successful? Join John Isbell, CHT from O’Charley’s and CHART as he walks you through, step-by-step, how to re-brand your training department so that people look at training in a whole new, energized way which will make the most impact to your organization. You can’t connect your employees to your consumers without training – we promise, this session will help you kick it up a notch!
    Who should attend this session: Training, HR or Operations Leaders who want to Re-Brand Training & engage today’s workforce.

  • Presented by TalentNet Live – Led by Craig Fisher, Founder, TalentNet Live; Bryan Wempen, Founder, DriveThru HR ; William TinCup, CEO, Tincup & Co.

    Craig Fisher, Bryan Wempen and William Tincup will lead a lively discussion and debate regarding how they crushed their social media strategy. They will each present a model of how they evaluate things like: tools, audience development and/or content creation. It will be a fun discussion… that we promise. We also promise plenty of Q&A, specific tips for individuals and brands, humor, and the occasional expletives. You’ve been warned.

    Who should attend this session: Marketers, Recruiters, Digital Media or Brand Champions, Bloggers, or the just curious.

  • Presented by MFHA – Led by James Fripp, SR. Director Global Diversity, Yum Brands; Victor Fernandez, Sr. Analyst, PRBBI; Andre Howell, VP, MFHA – The Multicultural Foodservice

    How does your brand stand up when it comes to diversity and inclusion? What are people saying about your company as an employer? Is it a good place to work? Can talented people of all backgrounds advance in your organization? If you do not know the answers to these questions then your employment brand could be at risk.

    This session will illustrate how changing demographics are affecting the employment pool for foodservice companies and what your company can do to ensure that your brand is relevant as it pertains to multicultural talent.

    Who should attend this session: Talent management and talent acquisition professionals, human resources leaders, senior executives, social media managers and other leaders that have brand responsibility will all benefit from this session.

  • Led by Paul Barron & Sarah Lockyer

    Special guests include: Jill McFarland, Dir. Digital Media, Applebee’s

    Learn how some of the boldest brands in foodservice are using social media strategies to build buzz — and business metrics. It’s not a one-size-fits-all industry, and brands large and small are building social communities, turning customers into brand advocates and transferring “social buzz” to “social business.” The panelists will break down some of the best in the industry, sharing actionable strategies to help brands gain a foothold in the social world and create the buzz that drives businesses forward. We’ll discuss strategy, execution, how to measure ROI, and what brands need to do today to succeed tomorrow.

    Who should attend this session: Marketers, Digital Media or Brand Champions, Operations — actually, everyone. Social strategies require a global effort; it’s is about breaking down business silos to build a social business.

  • Led by Julie Juvera, Director of Legendary People, Texas Roadhouse; Brandon Hill, Director of Mobile, Talent Revolution; Lisa Chidichimo, Director of Digital Media, Monical’s; Allyson L. Young, SPHR, HR & Brand Director, K&N Management

    While the imperative is both apparent and urgent, clearly articulating the business case for dedicating the necessary time and resources to realize the “Workplace, Marketplace – One Place” vision is a key strategic step towards achieving executive alignment and ultimately success. Join Julie, Brandon, Lisa and Allyson as they share the numbers, the facts, and the stories that demonstrate the top line improvements and bottom line results that companies have achieved by optimizing their processes, systems, and ultimately performance at the ever-growing intersection of Human Resources and Marketing.

Workshops that Rock!

  • The New Recipe for Branding in the Digital AgeTenison A

    Brand Consultant

    The digital revolution has created tremendous change within our social and economic structures and has even fundamentally changed the concept of branding as we know it. Through personal stories and enlightening examples, Aric will explain how brands are evolving from valuable assets requiring management to important agendas requiring across-the-enterprise leadership.

    Learn how the powerful concepts of “Remarkability” and “Purpose” form the new recipe for successful branding in the digital age and why leaders who create the future will passionately utilize these approaches to inspire people, align organizations, transform the customer experience, and accelerate business growth.

    Digital Workplace Superpowers: Best HR Practices in A Social WorldMarsalis

    Former HR Exec, social media pioneer, Conference Board contributor, blogger, and brand strategist Laurie Ruettimann will moderate a panel of experts to tackle the impact of social on all things HR.

    As the social media revolution continues, Human Resources leaders must become fluent in the ever‐changing landscape of technology. HR, OD and Talent Acquisition professionals who commit to attracting and retaining a talented workforce must learn how to embrace social media and manage risks while answering key strategic questions for executive constituencies.

    • Is there considerable payoff to the bottom line? • Will social media increase their competitive edge? • How do you use social media to positively impact employee engagement and become employer of choice?

    This session will include a review of best practices for HR, talent acquisition, organizational development and social media. The panelists will examine how digital and social tools influence the entire HR suite of services. And we will explore how social media changes aspects of HR including onboarding, wellness and performance management.

    Speaker, Writer, Blogger
    Social Media Strategist
    Head of Talent Acquisition
    Sr Mgr of Talent Acquisition
    Brinker International
    Principal Strategist
    Branded Strategies

    Building Traffic & Customer Loyalty with Multicultural BrandingTenison B

    Owner and Sr. Consultant
    Marketing Strategies

    Today the fastest growing groups within the U.S. population are Hispanics, Asian-Americans and African-Americans with a spending power of approximately $3 trillion! Is your brand positioned to capture its share of this growing customer segment? Learn how understanding and leveraging cultural differences can lead to revenue generation and long-term business growth.

    Howell is an accomplished, classically trained marketer who has generated over $1.4 billion in sales at some of the world’s leading companies, including: The Quaker Oats Company, Cadbury Schweppes (Mott’s USA Division), The Gillette Company, Whirlpool Corporation, and Hewlett-Packard. She is Brand Consultant to MFHA

    When Learning Goes SocialDeGolyer

    Social learning has been the holy grail of training since the first learning professional laid eyes on Facebook. Over the last decade, social learning has evolved from a buzzword to a fully-integrated part of successful organizations' employment cycles. Like any social platform, however, the people are the medium - and successfully fostering this type of learning requires both the right platform and the cultivation of a culture that embraces collaborative knowledge sharing.

    In this session you'll learn: Why social learning has to be a part of your organization's culture, the difference between social centricity and a social layer - and which is right for your organization, where to find the best-in-class providers, how to maintain accountability and information integrity in a social learning environment, ways to energize and incentivize users to maximize the value of your social learning.

    Chief MVMNTS Officer
    BTC Revolutions
    Chief Experience Builder
    Enlighteneer Enterprises
    Director of Training
    Kerbey Lane Cafe

    More Walk, Less Talk: Build Your Brand Through Culture and Customer ExperienceTenison A

    Brand-building expert
    Denise Lee Yohn , Inc.

    Brands are built by what you do, not what you say. Today's savvy consumers won't do business with a company that doesn't live up to its bold promises and dazzling advertising.

    In this inspiring and instructive session, brand-building expert Denise Lee Yohn will show you: how to drive your brand into your culture and implement a brand-building mindset throughout your organization, how to translate your brand into compelling, cohesive customer experiences, and how to apply the approaches and tools that successful companies use to close the gap between brand vision and operational reality.

    Digitally Igniting Your Most Powerful Marketing Medium: People.Marsalis

    In this session, we'll hear case studies from industries most Socially Devoted Brands and Digital Top Charters like Cinnabon and Taco Bell. You'll learn how to manage your digital communities across multiple platforms and explore ways you can build an army of advocates that fall madly in love with your brand. We'll share strategies and content that have ignited word of mouth movements that have driven extraordinary business results and take you on a digital journey of driving sales, recovering guests, and discovering new markets through social media and digital advertising.

    In this session we'll cover: Digital Dynamics: How to create fully integrated digital marketing strategies that foster innovation. Performance Platforms: How to determine which key tools and platforms you should be executing on. Case Studies: Driving traffic digitally, maintaining cultural relevance, connecting markets and building a maniacal online following. Making People Move: Why word of mouth movements are the new language of Marketers. Driving CONVERSION: The digital ROI model, what you should be tracking and why

    Chief Change Officer
    BTC Revolutions
    Mgr, HR Social Mktg/Engagement
    Taco Bell

    HR Thinking Creatively: All lines of Business affect Recruiting StrategyDeGolyer

    Director, Human Resources
    Perficient, Inc.

    In this highly interactive session, Moreland and McFarlane will share Perficient's story to illustrate how all lines of business affect a recruiting strategy, as well as how a proactive recruiting strategy can positively impact the overall success of any organization. Working in groups to create a business from scratch, you will learn the challenges that your internal business partners face, and identify the goals that can be achieved through proactive talent acquisition practices. This workshop will show you how to facilitate effective communication with your hiring managers and senior leadership to create and implement recruiting strategies that attract the talent who will contribute to your organization’s success.

    B.Y.O.B. – Be Your Own BrandTenison B

    Over the last few years, the concept of personal branding has grown in popularity and turned average everyday people into online and offline "superstars". Jasmin Brand truly embodies the possibilities that can come from “Being Your Own Brand”. In this interactive session learn how to use creative and strategic branding practices to optimize human potential. Jasmin will discuss how to make individuals and companies shine and be the best versions of themselves possible… and yes, Brand really is her last name.